Quick Facts About Debi Purcell

Nickname: Whiplash
Weight: 135 lb (61.23 kg)
Height: 5 ft. 6 in (167.64cm)
Record: 4-2-0
Style: Brazilian Vale Tudo
Attributes: Cutting Leg Kicks, Brutal Ground and Pound, Relentless Pace


  • First woman to win in King of the Cage
  • Ultimate Wrestling World Title Belt Holder
  • Hook-N-Shoot Revolution Winner, 2002
  • Headlined Hook-N-Shoot the first ever all women MMA card in US history
  • Ultimate Wrestling Minnesota Winner
  • Black Belt under Marco Ruas
  • Holds the World Title Belt in MMA’s UMA
  • Smack Girl Japan Veteran
  • Showtime EliteXC Veteran
  • State Black Belt Full Contact Champion
  • First & Only Female Coach on Fox’s International Fight League
  • First Best-Selling Century Instructional authored by a female fighter

What They Say About Debi

“Skateboarding has Tony Hawk. Women’s soccer has Mia Hamm. And if female mixed martial arts ever goes mainstream, it will have Debi Purcell.” Muscle and Fitness HERS Magazine

“One of the world’s toughest women…” The Montell Williams Show

“Purcell is one of a few thousand female MMA fighters that see a new dawn for their part in the sport.” MSNBC.com

“Yet, among all the talent within the assistant coaching ranks, one name stands out amongst the rest, Debi Purcell of the Marco Ruas led Condors. Purcell, one of the true pioneers of woman’s MMA, brings decidedly unique and equally skilled attributes to the Condors as an assistant coach.” MMA weekly.com

“It’s impossible to talk about women in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and miss her.” Iron Life magazine

“Then I saw Debi, and I was instantly a fan. Debi kicked like a seasoned Thai fighter, had a better 3-2 punch combo than me and she looked great in her Vale Tudo trunks!” LockFlow.com

“Debi Purcell is one of the pioneers in MMA…” Zimbio.com

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