Debi’s Mentors

Not everyone finds the gift of an individual that will take their own time to passionately guide them, in sport or in life. In the two individuals we-re about to discuss Debi Purcell was fortunate to find both, and much, much more. Debi owes her career, her wisdom, her knowledge, her tenacity, her drive, and her commitment to achievement to those mentioned in the following chronicles.

Debi extends a warm and sincere “thank you” to Marco Ruas and Jeremy Williams, two true warriors, who dedicated their time and insight to Debi’s pwn pursuits in life, both in sporting and spirituality.

Profiled below are two men which Debi Purcell considers amongst the greatest to ever live.

Marco Ruas, founder of the Ruas Vale Tudo fighting system, active in the sport of MMA dating back to 1984, trainer of multiple UFC champions, participant in some of the most entertaining UFC fights of his era … and someone who changed Debi’s life forever through his dedication to her.

Also a true friend and mentor to Debi was Jeremy Williams, who touched Debi personally through wisdom beyond his years and a positivity no one could ever deter. Jeremy will be missed by many, and will forever be survived by the memory of what he contributed to the lives of those around him during his short and impacting time with us.

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