Debi Purcell Welcomes You!

Debi would like to take this opportunity to thank you for expressing interest in her career, her site, and the continued movement for recognition of Women’s Professional Mixed Martial Arts in the United States. Without the support of fans like you, these athletes wouldn’t be where they are today. Enjoy your visit, and feel free to send feedback via the contact section!

A Word From Debi Herself

“Vale Tudo means NO rules, which translates that we have no limits to bind our body or our knowledge in learning. The message is clear, and that is to pass on what we learn to others. Not only in the fighting martial arts sense, but in taking pride in oneself, being humble, loyal, strong, and respecting yourself but mostly respecting others. Having no limits has allowed me great freedoms in my martial arts practice and in my spirituality, and has helped me realize that we are only bound but what we allow ourselves to be bound by.

In a world where it is hard for women to flourish in Martial Arts, I have had trainers and friends not discriminate against me but have always thought it was great that I and other women want to compete and fight. I have been encouraged to seek out different kinds of training and different training partners to further along my progress. And I thank you all who have participated in helping me be the person and fighter I am today.”

Love, Debi

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